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Brandon Wade is founder and CEO of the websites and As an entrepreneur, he started numerous internet and mobile companies, as well as retail and tour businesses.

My name is Brandon Wade. I’m a serial internet entrepreneur, and the author of a few books on dating, and social networking. I am also the founder of a number of online dating websites including the world’s largest┬ásugar daddy dating website (, a leading┬ámillionaire matchmaking website (, an innovative online dating and first date marketplace where singles can bid for a first date (, and more recently the world’s first travel dating and travel companion website where attractive singles can travel with generous free (

Some of you may have seen me on TV or heard about one of my websites. When I was growing up, I was sort of an ugly duckling and I was almost always shy. I remember asking my dad, why I didn’t have the courage to walk up to the girl I like in school to just ask her out. My dad said, it was because I’m afraid of rejection, and the fear of being rejected was what’s keeping me away from her. He urged me to try, and reasoned that even if I did make a fool out of myself, that I would no longer be afraid since I would have nothing more to lose. Thinking that my dad made a lot of sense, I did what he suggested! I mustered up courage one day and walked up to her, except while I was doing so, I tripped in front of her. I had meant to tell her while I was usually very shy, I wanted to tell her how beautiful she was, but the only words that did come out of my mouth that day was “I am shy”. Ever since that day, I avoided her like a plague, because seeing her reminded me of what a fool I was that day.

My shyness and lack of a dating life during my teenage years is also the motivation to my current business, why I had spend so much of my time using technology to level the dating field. In the process of building my websites, I have had the opportunity to meet many people who shared their stories and who have successfully used one of my websites to find love, friendship or to achieve their goals.

This website is a collection of my work on dating, as well as some of my advice, research, and opinions on the topic of love, romance and human behavior.

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