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Covering over 600 square miles, London is by far Europe's largest city. But don't let this put you off - many of its most famous landmarks are within walking distance of each other. From Big Ben and Westminster Abbey you can wander the streets only to find yourself at the bright lights of Piccadilly Circus. The English capital is also perfect for those who enjoy living life at a fast pace. With 47% of the city's population between the age of 16 and 44, there are fewer places on the planet with as much energy as London.

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  • Cheap Eats Where's good for 'sausage and mash' and other traditional favourites.
  • Neighbourhood Watch A breakdown of the English capital's coolest areas.
  • Budget Tips Ways to save money, what's to do for free and more.
  • A Day in London... We give you our ideal day, complete with a trip up the London Eye and an evening in the West End.

London City Reviews

  • 90%


    Love London!!

    We lived in London for a year and absolutely love the city and it's lifestyle, so just came back for a visit to see friends. It will never change, is always classic and impressive in whatever way you need - shopping, theatre, partying, food, etc.....Would recommend it to anyone on a European travel!

    Insider Tip:A visit to London is not complete without a visit to Camden Town...xo

  • 80%


    New York City of Europe

    It's so easy to get around in England. The tube (subway) and buses are very reliable. They come on time, every time it seems. I heard that the longest you'll wait is 2 minutes. When i was there, it was punctual.

    Insider Tip:To use their subway and bus system, I suggest you get an Oyster Card. You'll put a 5 pound deposit and then put as much money as you think you'll need. I spent 3 days in London and put 25 pounds on the card. When you're gonna leave London to return home, go to the booth and return your Oyster Card. They'll refund your deposit and any money left on it. I received 7 pounds back. That was the deposit and the money I had used. You'll scan when you enter and exit the subway so keep it handy.

  • 70%



    London is a great city to visit! Tons of things to see, especially if you're only there for a short time. Something to watch is that a lot of the attractions you might want to see close around 4 or 5, so get an early start.

    Insider Tip:Spend some time in the theatre district. Try to catch a show, but if you can't it's super lively and there's lots going on there at all times, especially at night. Some of the rooftop bars offer truly spectacular views of the London Eye and the Clocktower (Big Ben), and it's just around the corner from Chinatown and some wallet-friendly and delicious Chinese takeaway.

  • 60%



    I think the town is to busy to take care of tourist. That's not only a bad thing, because that was why I choose London. But there is pros and cons for everything.

  • 70%


    lots of things worth seeing and places to visit along with horrible fares on transport

    I spent one whole day in London and all in all it was delightful. For financial reasons, I avoided overusing public transport and most of the time got to see things on foot.

    Insider Tip:Be careful with Oyster card. They say it everywhere that it saves you money and quite probable it does in some way but it IS super confusing at times. You can hardly control your credit as it tends to shrink unexpectedly quickly although you just took a bus once and reappear out of the blue 2 days after when you no longer need it cause you're about to set off back home. Remember to touch out once you touched in on tube cause otherwise it charges you the topmost fare!

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