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Finding paradise in Australia

Next time you visit Australia, don't miss the paradise islands of Whitsundays, Daiana Negulici reports.

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I’ve recently visited Australia’s East Coast. And I found an adventure worth sharing at Whitsundays.

Whitsundays from above. Photo: Flickr

Whitsundays from above. Photo: Flickr

A collection of beautiful islands with high palm trees and coconut trees, kangaroos and wallabies into the wild, colorful parrots and blue waters, which allows you to discover the pleasures of the wilderness.

If you land on the Hamilton Island Airport, I advise you to rent a buggie and take a tour of the island. The landscape is amazing. And the view of the Coral Sea even more beautiful.

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To get on another island from Hamilton Island, Cruise Whitsundays is the perfect choice. Transfers between the islands and Cruises to the Great Barrier Reef or to the Whiteheaven Beach – a wonderful white sand beach with azure water that smells like freedom, you’ll feel like in a remake of the “Blue Lagoon” movie.

Daydream Island is really a day dream island. Either if you choose to sunbath on the Sirens Beach, or to relax on a hammock, paradise is guaranteed. Wild kangaroos too.


Long Island is perfect for accommodation. The only resort on the island offers you a complete holiday. Cocktails by the swimming pool, beautiful guitar concerts on the beach at night, the silence of the tropical beach in the morning, wallabies and perrots all around you – I promise you a perfect stay.

Even if you go for the honeymoon or just for a normal vacation, Whitsundays is the perfect destination for anyone. Spectacular landscapes, great views and unforgettable experiences.




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