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What you’ll get in Monaco for $200,000

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Monaco is the worlds most expensive real estate city.

Monaco is the worlds most expensive real estate city.

[dropcap]M[/dropcap]aybe you thought New York City was the world’s most expensive city?

No, it’s not. At least not when it comes to real estate prices, as this CNBC report shows:

Looking to spend $200,000 for a villa in Monaco?

Good luck. For that amount, you’d be lucky to get a one-bath – as in a single four-foot by eight-foot bathroom.

Monaco is the most expensive city in the world when it comes to real estate, according to the Knight Frank’s latest Wealth Report. Knight Frank, the London-based real-estate firm, said that the average price of real-estate in Monaco was between $5,350 and $5,920 per square foot in the fourth quarter of 2012.

The city with the second highest real estate prices is Hong Kong — here is the whole Top Ten-list for those who plan to buy a home:

Average Home Price Per Square Foot, 4Q 2012

1 Monaco $5,350-$5,920
2 Hong Kong $4,570-$5,050
3 London $3,890-$4,300
4 Geneva $2,720-$3,010
5 Paris $2,350-$2,600
6 Singapore $2,340-$2,580
7 Moscow $2,040-$2,260
8 New York $2,030-$2,240
9 Sydney $2,020-$2,230
10 Shanghai $1,820-$2,020
Source: Knight Frank/CNBC


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