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What Benghazi’s freedom fighters really want: Burgers

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A supposedly burger-hungry Benghazi Libyan fighter. Photo: Mike Elkin/

ROADSANDKINGDOMS.COM is something more than an ordinary travel blog. It is not on this site that you’ll find the web’s glossiest photos, best hotel reviews or hottest travel deals. Instead, this blog makes use of the stories between ordinary travels and foreign correspondent journalism that otherwise never would have been written and forgotten all about. Simply put, these are the stories that never made it into the newspapers.

Written in that spirit is this fantastic story about the Libyan fighters in Benghazi, Libya, rock-hard men that have just overthrown a dictator and now are trying to get their country to function again. Are they dangerous? No doubt. What do they want most of all? Fastfood burgers.

Mike Elkin reports:

And there is a decidedly western food craze in Benghazi these days: burgers. When I was there earlier this year, it seemed as easy to find a burger as a shawarma. And the best of these Benghazi’s burgers was at a big-windowed restaurant called al-Shabaab. (…) At Benghazi’s Al-Shabab, people wait up to an hour for a burger. An assembly line of grillers, tomato slicers, and condiment arrangers prepare the large burgers as swarms of men jockey for a space at the counter.

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