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The week’s best travel stories for January 17

The Reporter has rounded up this week's best travel stories, longreads and guides.

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Adventure holidays and trips for 2014: US and Canada

The Guardian

There are some fab – and original – adventure trips in Canada and the US, from wolf and snowmobile safaris to surfing in NYC. Read the guide.


Why would anyone go to Suriname?

A president accused of murder and convicted for drug smuggling. Rogue gold miners and outlaw timber harvesters, most of them foreigners drawn to the lawlessness. Why would anyone want to go to Suriname? Julie Schwietert Collazo traveled there to find out. Read her story.


5 deals for escaping the Polar Vortex

Yahoo Travel

Enough already. It’s time to say “uncle” to Old Man Winter and flee to a place where palm trees sway and the sun thaws out your chilled bones. Learn how.


A solemn commemoration of war in Flanders fields

Miami Herald

In Belgium, the 100th anniversary of the start of WWI is marked on poppy-strewn battlefields and cemeteries. Read the story.


Your everyday astronaut suit

Outside Magazine

While private companies are still working on ways to get customers beyond Earth’s atmosphere, the fashion-side of space tourism is already off the ground. Learn the latest in space fashion.


Underground London

The New York Times

A descent into the city’s subterranean spaces can lead urban explorers to everything from culture to cocktails to cuisine. Read the story.

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