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The week’s best travel stories of Jan. 24

The Reporter has scanned the web for this week's best travel stories, guides and longreads.

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Best beer in New York City: 2014’s top brew bars and events

Time Out New York

Get the lowdown on the best beer bars to open within the past year, tastings and other boozy happenings, and more. Read the guide.


New Mexico’s top 10 national and state parks

The Guardian

New Mexico lives up to its nickname – the Land of Enchantment – with glittering deserts, vast underground caverns, gem-rich mountains and hundreds of years of human history. Read the story.


A primate location in the Congo jungle

The Independent

Congo’s forests are teeming with wildlife, but not tourists. Sue Watt checks into two new camps that put her within reach of birds, butterflies and wild gorillas. Read the story.


In Milwaukee, a district for a bite or a brew

The New York Times

Walker’s Point, now the city’s go-to neighborhood for innovative artisanal food, is also home to brewery tours and antiques shops. Read the story.


Editor’s Picks: Our Favorite Pictures of the Winter Snowstorm

National Geographic

A winter storm hit the US East Coast this week, forcing many to trudge through the snow to get to school and work. See the photos.


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