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Wedgwood: “I quit my sensible job for The Adventurists”

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Dan Wedgwood.

Dan Wedgwood.

ADVENTURE TRAVELER & CO-FOUNDER Dan Wedgwood, The Adventurists’ press officer, helped launch the adventure and charity organization around six years ago. The offer to join, made to him by The Adventurists’ founder Tom Morgan, was too good to resist, Dan Wedgwood tells the Traveling Reporter.

“I did the Mongol Rally way back in 2005 when it was 43 teams and still a project that Tom was running on his own with the help of some friends that volunteered and some of the teams too,” Dan Wedgwood explains.

“A year later Tom had decided to form a company and come up with more adventures. He told me at the time he was ‘building an empire’ so I quite my sensible job and helped him launch The Adventurists,” Wedgwood recalls.

Over the years since then, Dan Wedgwood has helped organize lots of adventures, some of which in Peru, India and Mongolia.

“Then finally I managed to take part again as a team in September last year, 2011, when I did the Mototaxi Junket – absolutely massive adventure that one. Very, very difficult, and physically very tough, but a lot of adventure.”

As for right now (August, 2012), the Mongol Rally is underway, and the Mongol Derby horse race is also happening in August. Three other adventures are starting in September, Dan Wedgwood says to the Reporter, and a row of other are filling up fast.
“If somebody wanted to sign up there are places on the Rickshaw Run Indonesia, Mototaxi Junket and Rickshaw Run India, but they’re popular so not until 2013. The Mongol Rally 2013 is open now and already 150 teams are signed up,” Wedgwood says.

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