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Egypt’s tourism industry takes another hit as the military kicks Morsi out of office

Tourism in Egypt is likely to take another hit, as the Middle East economic powerhouse is again thrown into an uncertian future.

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Egypt is again under de facto military rule since the Army on Wednesday ousted President Morsi from office. A democratcally elected leader, Morsi’s failure to boost the Egyptian economy became too much for large parts of the population.


The latest weeks of social unrest forced the military to set a deadline for Morsi leaving office. When he did not comply, the generals simply removed him from office, turning the events into the second military coup in just i few years in Egypt.

Besides the fact that it appears as if any future Egyptian president will have to deal with the threat of being removed by the military if things go wrong, this latest coup will undoubtly have a negative short-term effect on Egypt’s tourism industry. Several state departments have updated their travel advices for the country, given the uncertian situation. The current political situation is likely to lead to more violence, writes the security analyses firm Stratfor in a new report.

Egypt’s tourism sector is very important for the country, and while things are bound to go from bad to worse in the short term, the way forward for Egypt is to develop its democracy and to produce stability in the long run by electing a popular government that can hold the nation together and develop the economy. New elections will soon be held, so let’s hope that these lay the ground for a return of Egypt on the market for travel and tourism.

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