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UK: The lost caves of Nottingham

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[dropcap]W[/dropcap]e found this exciting travel story on The Daily Beast, novelist Alison Moore’s story on why her city has so many dungeons and caves — “appropriate for the ‘birthplace’ of Robin Hood,” as the Beast points out. It turns out beneath Nottingham there are loads of caves, one with a pub, many used by the poor as housing long ago. Some of the lost caves of Nottingham nowadays contain pubs and art galleries.


The Daily Beast.

Here’s an excerpt:

Some of these caves are open to the public. There are “cave bars”—Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem is a pub carved into the cliff underneath Nottingham Castle. Others are private cellars. A few have even been converted into ironically expensive homes. Quite a number, though, have failed to survive housing improvements, the building of new office blocks and department stores, a new railway and wider roads. Drury Hill was a narrow, cobbled lane famed for the huge rock cellars underneath its houses, but was bulldozed in the 1960s to make way for a shopping center. On the site of the old Town Gaol, on top of the now concrete-filled medieval dungeons, today there is one of the largest contemporary art galleries in the U.K.

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