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TREKKING: 5 beautiful paths from all over the world

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TREKKING. These five ensure fantastic views, free exercise, absolute freedom and a generally nice way to get together. When you start planning your next adventure, have these in mind.

1. Nepal

Nepal is good for trekking.

Trekking in Nepal and the Himalaya is the thing when it comes to serious outdoor adventures. With Mount Everest in sight, the Himalaya offers an enormous range of paths, out of which the trek up to the base camp is the most famous. Best season is October through November, often sunny and clear, but March to May is also a good time to visit. A wide rang of organizers is available, some of which can be found here:




2. Canada


Torngat Mountains National Park is enormous and can swagger mountains, glaciers, and ice bears. Beware of those! This destinations takes careful panning and adequate equipment to manage this monster of adventure. There are no signs or roads, and the park authority recommends that you hire an experienced ice bear guide to accompany you.

3. Norway

Norway, with all its fjords.

Ofter compared with New Zealand, Norway has numerous beautiful fjords and breathtaking steeps. Most of the treks are to be found in Geiranger, many of which can be customized for person, condition, experience and equipment. The range of options is view, covering everything from hotels to tent camp sites are available.

→ More info here and here.

4. Italy

Part of the Dolomites.

The Dolomites in the Italian Alps is a very popular for walks and climbs. All kinds os severity are available, from easy walks to climbs that takes much experience. Via Ferrata, which means ‘the path of iron’, makes climbs the more easy, as the path, descending from World War II, is fitted with wires. Beautiful views are assured. According to, tenting is not allowed here, which limits the options.

5. Portugal

Via Algarviana. Photo: julianWest

Via Algarviana map.

One of Algarve‘s many surprises is Via Algarviana,  a path stretching from Alcoutim in eastern Algarve the whole way to the western cape of the area, Cape St Vincent. In total, this stretch makes about 300 kilometers, including many short walks, suitable if you just want to head out for a day hike. More info at

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Source: Vagabond magazine.

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