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TRAVEL WARNINGS: Himalayas, Mid East – & Canada

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Is this a dangerous place? Iran thinks so. Elsewhere, Canada is considered safe.

RECENT TRAVEL WARNINGS. The US State Department on September 15 issued a warning on Sudan and Tunisia, advising against travels in those countries. The department also ordered its diplomacy staff to leave the countries, Huffington Post reported. The US has also, during September, warned against travels in Pakistan, Egypt.

Travelers in the Middle East region in general, as well as in other Muslim countries, are adviced to stay alert, as protest against to anti-Islam film are still taking place.

Heavy rain in parts of Europe has caused problems. In north Wales, police issued an advice on September 24 against travels to the region, BBC reported. In southern Spain, flooding has created road blocks and made traveling hard.

Security is in question in in the Himalayas after avalanches. The combination of a big inflow of climbers and hazardous snow conditions make the situation dangerous, the AFP news agency reported.

Perhaps not to be taken too seriously, Iran has issued a travel warning on Canada. In what seems to be a childish game of diplomacy, Canada, the United Stated and several other countries walked out on Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as he hels a speech in the UN, rendering at least Canada an Iranian travel warning, CBS among others reported.

Beating out Australia, Sweden and Switzerland for the second year in a row, the annual RepTrak study rated Canada number one after polling a panel of 36,000 people representing the G8 countries, reported.

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