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Travel Warning: Heavy snow storm Nemo hits New York, Boston

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(Updated Saturday 3 PM) 700,000 are reported to be without power and at least five people died after heavy snow storm Nemo hit New York and Boston on Saturday. Authorities warned residents and others to “stay off the roads”, NBC News reports. New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire and Rhode Island — had declared states of emergency, and Massachusetts had banned vehicles from every road in the state, the New York Times reports.

The storm moved with full force into New England on Saturday, dumping two feet of snow on parts of Connecticut by Saturday morning even as the storm started to leave the New York area, the Times reports. New Haven reported 22 inches while nearby Hamden had 34 inches, the weather service reported. Stony Brook on Long Island had two feet of snow.

“The heaviest snow totals by early Sunday morning are expected in New England from coastal Maine to Connecticut, as well as parts of Upstate New York, where one to two feet of snow is expected.  Some locations, particularly in coastal New England, may approach, or even exceed three feet storm total snow,” the Weather Channel reported.


Even before the first snowflake had fallen, Boston, Providence, R.I., Hartford, Conn., and other New England cities canceled school Friday, and airlines scratched more than 3,000 flights throughout Saturday, CBS News reports, with heavy disruptions across the United States as result. Southwest Airlines warned its passengers that flights could be “delayed, diverted, or canceled.”

Though the region is used to dealing with snow, even the smaller amounts for New York City were expected to be more than enough to bury cars and turn streets into rivers of slush that could freeze overnight, LA Times reports, making even walking a treacherous balancing exercise whose athleticism is worthy of the Olympics. Officials warned people to be careful and began marshaling resources for the cleanup.


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