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Europe’s top three tourism cities – Paris, Amsterdam, Stockholm

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Paris, Amsterdam and Stockholm

TOURISM. Paris, Amsterdam and Stockholm – those are Europe’s three hottest tourism hotspots, according at a new ranking by strategy consultant firm Roland Berger. The list places substantially bigger (compared to Stockholm) London and Berlin just outside pallet positioning.

Having read the report, Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet writes that Stockholm is one a few European cities that has managed to increase the number of hotel rooms while being able to keep prices stable.

Hotel rooms, number of conferences and other travel-specific parameters have been taken into account in the ranking list.

“We have noticed that Stockholm has become hot, just as Istanbul was before and Berlin became later”, says Roland Berger partner Per M Nilsson to the paper.

Stockholm souvenir shop in the Old Town.

Sweden had a turnover from tourism of 250 billion crowns in 2010, up from 150 ten years earlier. Stockholm accounts for a large portion of that. 40 percent of all Swedish overnight stays by guests from other parts of Europe take place in Stockholm, resulting in an increase of lodging spending by 570 million crowns in 2011.

Stockholm has yet to create an own tourism strategy, but is working on one, according to the city’s leading politician Sten Nordin.

“We believe that we can have a such in place during this year, but it concerns cooperations on many levels”, says Sten Nordin to Svenska Dagbladet.

Europe’s tourism top-ten list:

1. Paris

2. Amsterdam

3. Stockholm

4. Wien

5. Berlin

6. Rome

7. London

8. Madrid

9. Prague

10. Istanbul

Source: Roland Berger/SvD


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