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The flying car lands in New York

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The Transition flying car by Terrafugia.

AUTO SHOW. If you are bored with getting stuck in traffic, head to New York this week. As the city’s auto show opens up its doors, a peculiar exhibition object is set to attract some attention.

The Transition, made by a company called Terrafugia, is no less than a flying car, approved for both driving on roads and flying in the air. While used as a car, the wings fold up and the motor is capable of max speeds around 170-185 km/h (105-115 mph). When the driver/pilot so desires, the wings are unfolded and the vehicle can take off on a stretch of about 500 meters. Its range is 787 km.

“This is what we can do today with existing technology inside the existing regulatory structure that we have and the physical infrastructure with airports and air space. It’s something that actually works”, Terrafugia’s CEO Carl Dietrich says to Forbes.

And the price? 279,000 US dollars. Airbags and parachute are included. And you’ll need about 20 hours of pilot’s training, according to Terrafugia.

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