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Sweden ramps up Ethiopia travel warning

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ETHIOPIA. The Swedish State Department has put out a more detailed warning regardning Ethiopia in eastern Africa, and more specifically the areas closest to Eritrea, Southern Sudan and Somalia. The Department avoids from all travels to a zone of 10 km bordering those three countries. The main road between Axum and Adigrat is the only exception.

The department also avoids from Ethiopian travels within an area of 10 km from the borders of Sudan and Kenya, except from main roads. Included in the warning are also Somali regions in Ethiopia, and northern Danakil area/the Afar region (region east of the Dessie-Adigrat road/north of the Dessie-Djibouti road), as well as the Gambella region.

The warning was first issued on March 10, 2010, tha department says.



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