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Survey: Malaysians, Britons relax best when off work

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WHEN OFF THE JOB: TRAVEL AND LEISURE In order to see the world, we need time away from our jobs. That we can all agree upon, whether we call it holiday, vacation, quality time, or something else. But how we handle that free time of travel and leisure, and how much of it we have avaliable differs wildly, a new survey shows.

Net travel agency Expedia’s study “Vacation Deprivation“, in which over 8,000 people in 22 countries have answered questions about their holidays, how they want to spend it and how well they manage to relax when on it, shows stunning differences.

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It turns out, for example, that Malaysians and Britons relaxes are experts when it comes to relax as soon as they leave work. 64 and 63 percent of the respondents there said they managed to do that. Swedes and Indians, on the other hand, had a hard time to stop thinking of work related matters, the survey shows.

Indians and Brazilians also rate highest when it comes to checking job emails when off work. Over 90 percent do that, in contrast with people in the United States, Norway and Spain, where only between 65 and 68 percent claim  they can’t keep away from the inbox during holidays.

What’s wrong with people, one wonders! Hey, stop fiddling with the work phone when on the beach! A good advice here, by the way, is to get yourself a private phone, if you haven’t already got one. That way it is easier to turn off the work.


The beach of Tulum, eastern Mexico.

They survey also reveals a bunch of other interesting facts. Taiwanese and South Koreans have least days off work a year, only ten days on average, in sharp contrast to holidaymakers in France, Spain, Germany and Brazil who enjoy 30 days.

Sweden has the highest rate of residents interested in one single, long block of days off work, 31 percent of the Swedes want it that way, as opposed to Britons who rather divide their holiday in many small parts.

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Bosses in the Nordic countries, which have laws granting five weeks off each year, are the most positive to the whole idea of vacation, with 84 percent of the managers encouraging that employees take time away from work. People in Italy and South Korea aren’t that lucky – only 33 and 41 percent, respectively, of managers there are positive their subordinates disappear from the office to relax. Really sad, that one. What’s up with the Italians, really?


And what about this one: It turns out South Koreans are the most romantic travelers, with 45 percent saying they opt for a romantic destination when they can (then, of course, what is considered a romantic destination may vary). In Mexico and Canada, on the other hand, people are usually more hardcore – only 13 percent go for romance.

Lastly, in order to travel you’ll need a passport. People in Norway, Sweden and the Netherlands have no problems there, with between 87 and 95 percent claiming they own a valid passport. In France, though, many seem to be content with staying at home – only 57 percent keep valid travel documents, according to the Expedia survey.



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