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My life as nanny – on a luxury yacht

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Some people just get lucky. Here is one: Arielle, who, as she writes on her blog, “found a way to make my dreams of travel come to fruition when in 2011 I took a job as a nanny onboard a 43 meter private yacht.”

As yacht nanny, Arielle navigates the world and spends time looking at sight at a never ending row of exotic destinations, about which she report on her luxury yacht blog – she’s in Hong Kong one day, Australia the next, Singapore in between, Canada after that. Or if it was the other way around.

This, for example, she reported from Singapore:

Labrador Park, Singapore

After being docked in Bali all summer without a decent running path within reasonable distance, I was overjoyed when we arrived in Singapore to a nice paved running trail looping around our marina.  Labrador Park has beautiful gardens and memorable sunsets that made it one of my favorite places to end the day.  If you continue up into some of the wooded areas, you can also run up hidden stairs that will take you to picturesque lookouts and also lead you to historic battle sites and remains.  Just make sure you bring a water bottle- at about one degree north of the equator, the heat is no joke.

Nope, no rabid dogs chasing me here!

Nope, no rabid dogs chasing me here!

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