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STOCKHOLM: Snow storm cancels Swedish flights

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SNOW STORM: SWEDEN FLIGHTS CANCELED (UDPATEED 11 AM Thursday): Air traffic in Sweden was struggling with heavy delays Wednesday as a heavy snow storm hit the Stockholm area. Domestic as well as international arrivals and departures were canceled Wednesday as the capital was covered in white. As late as 11 AM local time on Thursday, Arlanda airport was still experiencing some delays, although most traffic was back to normal.

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Canceled departures at Arlanda airport, Stockholm.

Chaos broke out in and around Stockholm as the storm bore down on the capital and brought commuter transportation to a standstill on some lines. Trains, the subway system and buses were battling long delays in the afternoon, and the police urged motorists to leave their cars behind in the low visibility.

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Traffic problems broke out as Sweden’s capital was covered in snow. Photo: Traveling Reporter
Snow chaos in Stockholm, Sweden. Photo: Traveling Reporter


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