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Florida, here we come! Seven fun things to do

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EDITOR’S BLOG. At last, a new travel adventure is underway this winter – Florida! I’ve been to the Sunshine State several times, but as the place is virtually one big amusement park in itself, you never get the feeling you’ve come to visit one time too many. The Florida destinations that I’ve visited, which are quite a few, through the years have not ever left me disappointed. As I’ve written in an earlier blog post, there are places that stand to visit more than once.

And this Florida journey is special in itself, too, as I’m going there for the first time with my girlfriend (last times were with my mom and some friends). Also different now, we’ll focus solely on Florida only this time. The last, I rented a car with some friends and drove ourselves to Savannah, Georgia, and then on through the South to New Orleans, Louisiana, and back to Florida. All in two weeks, if I remember correctly. It turned out to be a quite stressful drive, so I’m looking forward to spending time on just a limited area (well, southern Florida is large enough for one week…).

What’s really beautiful is the feeling that we can go wherever we want – we haven’t really made any plans yet. Feel free to post suggestions if you like (in the comment box below).

But from what I’ve seen (and missed out on) during earlier trips, these places stand a good chance:

7 things we might do in Florida!

1. Key West

Although the drive there and back can feel quite long, there is something special about Ernest Hemingway’s former place of home, the southernmost point of the United States. I’m not sure we’ll make the drive, but we might.

2. Disney World, Orlando

I haven’t been there, and the child in me screams, “Go, go! GO, damn it!”.

Hidden loudspeaker in Celebration, Florida. Photo: Erik Bergin/Traveling Reporter

3. Celebration

Jetty in Celebration, Florida.

Right outside of Orlando is this little town, masterplanned and built by the Walt Disney Company, but with real residents in it and with hidden loudspeakers in the bushes, drowning the place in light music as you walk the main street. It’s the Truman Show in real life.

From what I hear, though, the subprime loan crisis did hit even among Celebration’s well-to-do residents. The place is worth a visit even as it hasn’t any real attractions.

South Beach, Miami Beach, Florida. Photo: Erik Bergin/Traveling Reporter

Miami Beach, Florida.

4. Miami Beach

Doesn’t need to be mentioned, really, as you usually end up there anyway.
Miami Beach sort of symbolizes the way of good life of Florida – on this long strip of land is everything you might need in life: beaches, restaurants, beautiful buildings, sun, liquor stores, and banks and car rentals for that matter. Not to mention burger joints and hotels.

Everglades, Florida. Photo: Erik Bergin/Traveling Reporter

5. Everglades

I haven’t managed to grip of this vast place, so it would be fun to go there yet another time. Last time, we went on one of these weird boats with a big airplane propeller aft. Fun and hot.

6. Shopping!

Sawgrass Mills is a bizarrely large shopping mall in Florida. It’s quite possible we’ll spend a dollar or two.

7. Daytona Speedway, Daytona

Last time I was there, drivers were practicing on the speedway – seriously fun to watch. But a real race would be even better of course. Not sure it will be as fun after, say, the 487th run, though.

MAP: Some of the fun stuff in Florida!

Visa Florida on a bigger map

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