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The hotel that hangs between skyscrapers

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{Live Between} hotel concept by HKS.

UNUSAL LODGING. A new hotel koncept, developed by archtecture firm HKS, will let you live in a bubble, called “pod”, high up in the air between skyscrapers, bridges or other constructions of considerable altitude. HKS, aiming for a profile of sustainability, markets the project as a green hotel concept, with each hotel pod being able to produce its own electricity from the sun.

{Live Between} concept image. By HKS

During dark hours, energy saved from solar panels runs the pod-room, which will be fitted with bed, shower and toilet that uses no water to flush. The project has been dubbed “Live Between”, as the idea is to install the pod-rooms hanging between buildings and other constructions much like an art installation. The “hotel” is also not meant to be permanent in any city, but rather a showcase of ingenuity traveling around the world, the architecture website writes.

No information about the project was found by the Traveling Reporter on HKS’ own website and it seemed unclear if the Live Between project will ever leave the drawing board. It wasn’t clear either how potential hotel guests would be able to reach their rooms, hanging in wires up in the air.

{Live Between} room concept image. By HKS

Another architecture site, ArchDaily, writes: “Live Between, a concept design by HKS Architects, is a newly launched hotel experience for guests who enjoy the extreme. Their design seeks out urban cities to set up short-term residency between existing buildings. As it moves from city to city, it is designed and installed specific to its temporary inhabitance. Taking on various forms from a spider’s web to a constellation, the hotel formation is ever changing and always evolving. More images and architects’ description after the break.”

My Modern Met writes: “The rooms contain their own low water flow fixtures and waterless toilets to maintain a low-impact environment. The waste from the pods are also converted into fuel for the transport vehicles when the traveling hotels are set to embark on their next destination.
   Like a traveling circus, {LB} is meant to be a limited time residential installation in each city. Whether you are visiting a big city or are already a resident eager to see your urban environment in a new way, these pods are sure to enliven your experience as you soar high above the masses. Each giant orb is strung up by high strength cables with the site-specific design of a tension pulley system to suspend the pods.”

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