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Snowfall creates chaos in Northern hemisphere

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NORTHERN HEMISPHERE: SNOW CHAOS — From Sweden, Ukraine and Russia to the United States and Canada, weather forecasters are continuing to produce prognosis of mighty snowfalls and problems in traffic this week.

All flights to and from Arlanda airport in Stockholm, Sweden, were canceled Wednesday as the middle and northern parts of the country were covered in white. The traffic situation on the west coast was problematic and the state weather forecaster SMHI issued a Class II warning.




In Russia and Ukraine, heavy snowfall has created problems in traffic and cut electricity in 300 Ukranian towns, reported. The snowstorm has continued for days.

Further westward, in Canada and northern United States, too, snow brought traffic in some areas to a standstill and lowered visibility on roads to a minimum. Drivers were advised to exercise great care.

“We’ve had a couple of warm days here,” Environment Canada meteorologist Dan Kulak said to Edmonton Journal. “We’re really right on the freezing point. When you get heavy snowfalls in those temps, the snow tends to be really sticky and wet.”

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