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HURRICANE SANDY UPDATE: Northeastern U.S. picks upp pieces

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Ship stranded on the U.S. east coast after Sandy.

Cars in NYC drowned by Sandy flooding.

HURRICANE SANDY UPDATE. After what has already been calculated as the fifth costliest hurricane ever to hit the United States, New York, Atlantic City and other cities along the Eastern seaboard began to try to collect the pieces on Tuesday as Sandy moved inland.

The situation in New York City attracted most attention, maybe because it was covered by the highest number of journalists. Large parts of the subway system was flooded, and streets in low parts of Manhattan were under water. Cars had been smashed under branches and millions of residents and businesses in a number of states were without power. 38 deaths were reported. In New York state alone, 15 deaths are said to be linked to Sandy, the New York Times reported.


President Obama, who was planning to visit New Jersey’s ravaged coast on Wednesday with Gov. Chris Christie, promised on Tuesday “to do everything we can do to get aid” to those affected by the storm, saying to the New York Times that there would be “no bureaucracy, no red tape.”

On Manhattan, tourists again swarmed Times Square and Battery Park on Tuesday. However, moving around in the city will be harder for some time, since large parts of the subway system will be out of commission during the repair work.

A surveillance camera shows the New York City subway being flooded.


In the aftermath of Sandy, airports from Washington to Boston were deserted, reported. Hundreds of thousands of travelers stranded across the U.S. and around the world. Somewhere between 17,000 and 20,000 flights were cancelled during Sandy’s passage, creating severe delays as airports closed.

After hitting the coastal parts of eastern United States, Sandy moved on inland towards north west, now as a severe snow storm, creating further havoc and disorder.

“We have a fair amount of tree damage and a number of trees that have taken down wires and others that hit houses,” said Paul Chagnon, assistant fire chief in Newton, Massachusetts, to


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