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Running from the mousse in Nice

Your would expect summer to be the prime time to visit Nice, France. Think again, reports travel blogger Daiana Negulici.

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NICE, FRANCE — Nice is, at its name suggests, a nice city. I’ve visited Nice during summer, I’ve visited Nice during spring, I’ve stayed there an entire summer and one autumnal month. I can assure you that this city is absolutely amazing during the whole year.

But it’s never so funny as in winter. Or at least for me.

Nice, France. Photo: Daiana Negulici

Daiana Negulici tries to beat the waves on the beach of Nice, France.


I have had the chance to be in Nice as a tourist, with my parents; as a tripper, with friends from Erasmus; as a citizen, during an internship there; and as a native, when I visit the family of my boyfriend, my soul mate that I’ve met last year, a French guy from Nice. Nice is fabulous.

Walking down the English Promenade, admiring the sea and having breakfast on the beach at the same time, shopping downtown, either at Nice Etoile shopping center, or in the stores all along Jean Medecin street, climbing the hill to admire the panorama and enjoy the waterfall from the Castle Hill, having a moment in the Russian cathedral’s garden, going on a cruise from the Old Harbor of Nice to the Margaret’s Island or Saint Tropez, renting a bike and cycling all the cliff from the airport to the harbor, or simply enjoying the sun and the sea by swimming and taking a sunbath, especially in that beautiful azure water that you can find nowhere else – anything you do is great in Nice.

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But, as I said, the moment I will never forget is that winter morning, when I got up early to go for a walk on the Promenade before I my plane was to leave. The sky was incredibly stunning, so clear and pure, the entire Nice was asleep, no one on the beach, no one on the street. The silence was deafening. [pullquote]So I chose to descend on the beach, to make acquaintance to her, as if I was seeing her for the first time[/pullquote]

But it also a feeling of freedom, and enchantment, I had this feeling the I owned Nice, that city where everyone on this Earth wants to go, was mine. In that moment it was only me and Nice. I was enjoying the moment and the view, sitting down on a chair from the Promenade. And the sea was so different, foamy and friendly. Coming closer and closer as in order to meet me. Withdrawing with shyness after a second.

So I chose to descend on the beach, to make acquaintance to her, as if I was seeing her for the first time. I was approaching more and more to the limit she established between us, to the limit she couldn’t cross. I was sunk into a state of bliss – when suddenly, she came so fast, so deviously, and blew up my paradise. A wave of cold water with sand and mousse entered my boots and wet my tights up to the knees.


It may not be the polar winter, but it is still cold outside during winter, and the water is freezing. And on the plane you still have air-conditioning. It’s so funny to feel the winter in your boots during the whole flight. But I would do it again.

Everyone goes in Nice during summer, but I say, don’t miss the winter mousse in Nice.

Daiana Negulici is a frequent traveler and reports about her adventures on