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River rafting in underwear

Learning river rafting in France while studying a foreign language can be challenging. Question is, though, which of them is toughest. Daiana Negulici reports on her friend's adventurous trip.

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River rafting can be fun. Spending some time out with your friends, enjoying the landscapes, the sounds of the nature and doing some sport at the same time, it’s a great source of pleasure and relaxation…

Actually it can be funnier than that. D can tell you more about this.

River rafting in southern France. Before the underwear came off. Photo: Daiana Negulici

River rafting in southern France. Before the pants came off. Photo: Daiana Negulici


Last year, she studied in France. Maybe you know the European Exchange program, called Erasmus? Yes? No? It doesn’t matter actually. This happened in France, in the south, near Montpellier… during a kind of a teambuilding weekend for the Erasmus students, in September 2011. The landscapes are great there, as far as she remembers.

They were 60 persons, sleeping in tents, by the riverside, river rafting during daytime. It was the first time for D and for her friend, L to do this. The short lesson before the adventure was not enough in order to learn the complicated laws of the river rafting, especially in the morning, after having slept only 2 hours after the party from the other night, 2 hours with the right ear on some kind of a stubborn rock, who followed her sexy year during the hole sleep, no matter where did it go.

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So, you can imagine why D did not understand very well the indications given by the lifeguard. Being excited of doing this for the first time, L and D took the cameras with them. The boat was equipped with a plastic barrel to keep safe stuff like these cameras for example. The main problem was that nobody told them that this plastic barrel was not like the nowadays laptops, I mean waterproof. So the next thing all the persons there can remember is this waterfall. Do not imagine Niagara there. It was actually something more like a little difference of level, less than 1 meter.


The boat turned over, the girls fell into the water, and the plastic barrel went down the river with the cameras in it. They lost their shoes, the paddles, and the cameras were still sailing down the river. A Spanish guy saved the situation, rescuing the cameras. After two weeks of meditating in a bowl filled with rice, D’s camera decided it was the time for taking back its job, this is how I can offer you some pictures of that remarkable day. [pullquote]Due to the friction force, the pants surrendered.[/pullquote]

But hey, this is not over yet. As it was starting to get dark, the girls were still far from the camp, fighting with Herault River. No other students were left around and they started to panic and to do useless and tiring movements. Half hour later they succeeded. The whole group was waiting for them, starting to wonder what to do in order to find the girls.


But our girls made it and getting down from the boat, proud and happy to be back, with 116 eyes looking at them and 116 hands applauding their success, D discovered how the Hollywood stars felt when they fell down on their way to the stage on the Oscars nights. Due to the friction force, the pants surrendered. They simply cracked and fell, leaving her in underwear.
Story by: Daiana Negulici


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