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RIO TRAVEL TIPS: A sight to behold – and watch out for

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RIO DE JANEIRO. It’s one beautiful sight after another – the city seems to overdose over and over again on scenic settings. Not least in popular Santa Teresa, we learn, after a hard walk up the stairs to the neighborhood’s highest point, where they have a café.

From the shade of green trees up here, we stand there and take in the view of Rio’s famous mountain, the Sugar Loaf, it’s lower parts closer to the sea and the beaches Copacabana and Ipanema. As if picked out of an animated movie, it is truly a sight worth waiting for.

But this is Rio, and it hurts any traveler to realize this is no place of wondering about freely in unknown neighborhoods. Rio is simply too dangerous, its social and economic problems too severe, and a visitor who doesn’t take the necessary precautions runs the risk of being mugged in broad daylight.

There is not much more to say, we’ve yet to get to know this city. Now, after our first day in Rio, we are about to head out for some dinner. The heat here makes you more thirsty than hungry, though.

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