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Review: Hotel Pukara, Puno, Peru

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Hotel Pukara, Puno, Peru

If you visit Peru’s high altitude regions during the rainy season, finding a room will not be a problem, but rather finding one that is warm and dry.
We show up at the Pukara in Puno in the beginning of March. The location of this six story building is as good as it gets, with shops, restaurants and two squares within three minutes walking distance. With a room on the fifth floor and no elevator we get healthy exercise in the thin air (Puno is at about 3800 meter above sea level).
The room has an electric radiator, but even with that it is hard to achieve any real warmth in there. So if you have a problem keeping warm under normal circumstances, bring long underwear or a sleeping bag if you visit during the rainy low season. (That goes for more Peruan hotels than the Pukara.) Prices are low, and breakfast is included, served at a top floor café with lovely view.

Object: Hotel Pukara
Where: Puno, Peru
Time of visit: March 2012

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