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Reading to go: Best Ipad magazines 2012

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Bored to death waiting for a flight, it’s good to have some reading material. Even better then, if you happen to have your Ipad ready (and a wifi connection). Traveling Reporter dug into the world of Ipad magasines and this is what we came up with. It is certainly not an objective selection, but it is a selection nevertheless.

If you just got your hands on the device and want to start fill it up with apps, take a look at these:

Time – the magazine that covers the world. In depth-analysis, news and full with fun extras.

Time Magazine

National Geographic – the world of nature at your hand. This is a fantastic get-away from boring airline departure halls.

National Geographic

Economist – you really can’t live without it, being as it is the cornerstone of economic and financial feature story coverage. The online version adds massive amounts of graphics and ofter features.

Travel Africa – the magazine covers the world’s at the moment most interesting continent. Travel stories, adventures, great pics and more.

And there’s much more – check out these web sites:


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