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PLANE CRASH VIDEO: How to survive a disaster

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Seconds later, the plane breaks in two.

Seconds later, the plane breaks in two.

CURIOSITY PLANE CRASH. For research purposes, scientists have crashed an airliner in the desert to see where in the aircraft passengers have the best – and worst – chances to survive. Documenting the crash with several cameras, the research team was adbe to figure out faults in the plane’s construction that turned some seats into virtual death traps.

The project was turned into a documentary, which is aired by the Discovery Channel.

Results from the plane crash video show how the front of the plane collapses at the time of impact, making it almost impossible to survive in tor First Class front rows of the plane. Passengers in the back of the plane, on the other hand, would have walked out with almost no injuries, as this clip from the documentary shows.

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Movie The Curiosity Plane Crash

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