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Images of an modern city in epic decay

As Detroit is granted bankruptcy protection, the once proud Motor City begins its long way back. A very long way, according to these photos.

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Detroit, once America’s fourth largest city, may not be a given tourist destination these days. In deep disrepair and with its finances in chaos, Detroit’s citizens — those who are left — have seen city services disappear due to lack of funding, buildings crumble and the crime rate increase.

A judge has now granted Detroit bankruptcy protection, The New York Times reports, meaning that the city now can begin its long and hard path back to prosperity.

These photos show a decaying once proud American city, home of the nation’s car industry and the birthplace of the Motown sound, that resemble the widely spread pictures of abandoned gold rush villages, or forgotten rural mining communities, where every human being is long gone.

Downtown / CC BY-SA
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