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PHOTO SPECIAL: The beautiful Stockholm archipelago

Looking for a traditional Midsummer feast? Look no further than Sweden, where Midsummer is often celebrated as the nation's true National Day.

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As Sweden gears up for the annual Midsummer festivities – to many Swedes considered more important to celebrate than the June 6 National Day – the country’s archipelago reaches its peak time of the year. Especially the archipelago of Stockholm, a world-unique collection of about 35,000 islands of different size and atmosphere, is considered a prime spot for both partying, family fun and a sailor’s stage for showing off big yachts and fancy boating equipment.

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The Traveling Reporter went out among the islands, equipped with a mobile phone camera, to try to gather the essense of the archipelago at its best. Above is the result. Click and dream yourself away!

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Houses at the Swedish island of Sandhamn, a summer hotspot in the archipelago of Stockholm.

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