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The Philippines still suffers as more aid starts to flow in

The death toll after the typhoon that hit the Philippines in early November has officially reached more than 4,000. Aid is starting to flow in from all around, but the efforts are moving too slow.

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At least 4,000 have died and tens of thousands of Philippines have lost their homes in the worst storm on record that hit the country in November 2013. Five days after the typhoon Haiyan bore down on the country’s middle parts, relief efforts were starting to pick up speed, the Associated Press and others reported. But with lack of food, water and medicine widespread, aid can not come quick enough for thousands of storm victims.

The US aircraft carrier George Washington arrived off the Philippine coast earlier in the week, and aid is flown in from the US as well as from several parts of Europe and other Asian countries, as the news clip above from CBS News shows.

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The wave that hit parts of the country had tsunami dimensions, trashing homes, roads and lifting large ships up on ground. The Economist reported that the surge “swept away the port-city of Tacloban as if it were a tsunami. The death toll stands at more than 2,300 victims drowned, hit by debris or trapped under rubble. The number will certainly rise as news trickles in from remote settlements. The devastation is wide, spread across six Philippine islands.”

Looting has occurred and aid transports have been raided as the people in the worst hit areas are increasingly desperate for food and water.

Ronilda, who lives in hard-hit Tacloban, could not find her children when the storm hit, she said to CBS News.

“I don’t want to recall what happened to us,” she said, “especially what happened that day … my kids were not with us.”

Her children were safe, but she lost almost everything else, CBS News reported.


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