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Paramount bets on California theme hotels

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Paramounts hopes California theme will attract hotel customers.

GLAMOUR LODGING. Paramount, the Hollywood movie studio, is entering the hotel business by lending its name to a group of investors who plans construction of as many as 50 “Hollywood- and California-themed luxury hotels worldwide”, the Bloomberg News reported.

The business opportunity was made possible as Viacom, owner of Paramount, and its Chairman Ghassan Aridi made the deal with the investor group in March.

“We will offer something unique. In addition to luxury and services, our hotels will add Paramount entertainment and technology as well as elements of the California lifestyle,” Paramount Hotels & Resorts Chief Executive Officer Thomas Van Vliet said in a Bloomberg interview in the hotel-management company’s Dubai headquarters.

Paramount Hotels, owned by a group of investors from the U.S., U.K., Russia and the Middle East, hasn’t announced its first hotel opening, according to Bloomberg, but the company is discussing locations in Brazil, the U.K., the Caribbean, Russia, Qatar, Oman, South Africa and Indonesia.

Other businesses like casinos and theme parks are panned to be located in the surroundings of the hotels.

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