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Outdoor adventure in Scotland

In the desolate wilderness of Scotland, nature provides both majestic scenery and changeable weather, reports Nick Bramhall on his blog.

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At the Traveling Reporter we always appreciate good nature photography. It just so happened that Nick Bramhall with his blog about Scotland, The Mountain’s Silhouette, was able to provide a mighty fine set of photos from Cona Glen, Scotland, where he went for a hike in April, 2013. Nick gave the Reporter permission to repost some of his photos, so here we go.

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He reports from his hike:

I found myself making an early get-away from Aberdeen on a Friday morning and driving west through an ever changing mixture of sunshine, cloud-covered mountains and rain showers to reach the Corran Ferry south of Fort William. This glided across the glassy waters of Loch Linnhe to Ardgour and just a few miles north of the pier I parked up at the entrance to Cona Glen, one of the glens that runs east-west through the eastern end of the Ardnamurchan peninsula.


The rain came on heavier and I stopped to put on my waterproofs but beyond the locked cottage of Corriarach it slacked and then eased off completely, dark grey skies to bright sunshine in just a minute or two. As lunchtime had passed during the shower I left the track and paused down by the river for a wrap. The remarkable views pulled me onward and soon enough I was in the upper reaches of the glen.

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