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Two days in the wilderness

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EDITOR’S BLOG. Looming over Arequipa, Peru, where we are now, sits volcano El Misti with its about 5,800 meter in altitude. Although impressive, the active volcano is said to be one of the easiest climbs in the Andes, the world’s longest mountain range.

But because of an irritating cold that I have, plus the fact that we are in possession of neither any climbing gear nor any skills, we have instead opted for a two day trekking tour north of Arequipa where we have been promised to se condors and meet local people.

The tour will for our part end in Pune, a small town that sits on the northwestern shore of the world’s highest navigable lake, the Titicaca. There we plan to stay for at least two nights, time enough to check out the floating islands they have had there for ages.

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