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November 25: The week’s best travel stories

The Reporter has scanned the internet for this week's best travel reporting.

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Celebrating 125 years

National Geographic

Stories with risk, beauty, nature, quirk, and exploration. See them here.


Seeking Authenticity in Italy’s Tiny Neighbor

The New York Times

If you’re enjoying the gorgeous scenery and a great sangiovese in the tiny Republic of San Marino, please don’t start talking about how much you love traveling in Italy. Read the story.


The African Queen: It’s full steam ahead for an ageing star of the silver screen

The Independent

A boat reputed to have featured in the 1951 film has been restored and is ready to ply the Nile’s waters once again. Mark Stratton of the Independent climbs aboard for a test run. Read the story.


Bali travel guide

Travel and Leisure

Bali is but one of 17,500 islands in the Indonesian archipelago, yet even among its colorful neighbors—and even after decades of tourism development—it stands alone in its lushness and incomparable beauty. Read the guide.


Go to the Wash, quirky tours, and where to stay in Malta

Escape to Norfolk, take an untraditional tour, and discover four fabulous places to relax in Malta. Read the story.


War tourists flock Syria’s front lines

The Daily Beast

Syria’s conflict is drawing a motley crew of adventure-seekers and adrenaline with murky motivations—and little experience with surviving in war zones. Read the story.


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