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New York’s new fashionable High Line park

It used to run meat around Manhattan's Meatpacking district. Abandoned and left rusting for decades, the the transformation of the High Line into a park today has revitalized the island's lower west, reports Erik Bergin.

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NEW YORK. We’re not sure who came up with the idea.

But whoever it was, the idea was brilliant.

The High Line park, New York. Photo:

The High Line park, New York. Photo:

The High Line was once an elevated railway on the lower west side of New York’s Manhattan island, running meat to and from the meatpacking industry that has given the district its present name. Left rusting for decades, everybody believed the construction would one day be torn apart, giving access to more expensive land for the real estate business to build on.

But the thing is still standing. Today, though, it has been turned into a park.

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Some of the High Line’s original rails are still lying atop the iron construction, now overflowing with bushes and flowers. The park stretches from about the 10th street north to around the 33rd, where construction (in October 2013) is still going on.

Passing close to high building walls, it curves, twists and turns through the neighborhoods, offering views of office buildings, the river Hudson and people’s back yards and living rooms along the way. From here, you’ll get nothing less than a completely new view of a city that thought it had already been seen and studied from every angle.


The park offers a unique experience. People – tourists as well as New Yorkers – have taken the High Line to its hearts. People can be seen sitting around and reading, sipping coffee at any of the park’s cafés, taking photos, marveling down at the busy streets below and just contemplating life. Jogging, though, might not be advised because of the popularity of the attraction. The park above has quickly become a must-see in New York City.


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