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A new Traveling Reporter

Our design team has put some real hard work in developing The Reporter into a brand new online travel magazine.

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The Traveling Reporter has done a major re-design of the site – so much so, in fact, that we dare to say that it is a whole new travel website.

The new version put photos and storytelling in the center. A clearer design, enhanced possibilities to show off videos and much more. Features that you will soon discover.

One thing that we’ve done is adding a new Video Center, where you’ll find exciting and interesting video travel guides, adventures and stories. Check it out!  You’ll find the latest videos in the right-hand sidebar on every page.

The Video Center at

The Video Center at

We’ve also tried to simplify things on our home page, the most important part of the site. The new design aims to be as simple as possible, in order to put all focus on the content of our site.

The large front-page search map enables you to find stories out of geographical regions. The map feature will be updated in the future to offer an even easier and more precise search method. This is one of the things that we haven’t managed yet.

We’re still hard at work in fine-tuning everything, so bear with us if everything doesn’t look and work the we it’s supposed to. It will, eventually.

The new design includes a Featured Stories section at the front page top, showing off our latest stories to first-time visitors, as well as to visitors on category pages. A Guides section below features our latest guides, and below that you’ll find more travel stories for each of the geographical areas America, Africa, Asia and Europe.

More services will be added soon.


– The Editor

The editor of the Traveling Reporter works as a business news editor, and is a frequent traveler. When not doing any of that, he spends time on his boat and tries to figure out where to travel next. Two of his top destinations are the Philippines and San Francisco. Email Erik! Follow the Traveling Reporter at Stumbleupon, Tumblr, Chime In, Pinterest, Google+, Weibo, Storify, Facebook, Traveldudes, Myspace.