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NEW online magazine from Traveling Reporter!

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Welcome to Coasts and Mountains – a travel magazine from

Coasts and Mountains — a new, free, online travel magazine from the Traveling Reporter.


A story page at Coasts and Mountains.

The Traveling Reporter proudly presents Coasts and Mountains, a new travel magazine on the web, free of charge, where we gather all our best travel stories with a clean and smashing design. On you can currently enjoy a row of travel adventures from Spain, Bangladesh and the Philippines, to name a few destinations. More is to come.


Coasts and Mountains on the Ipad.

This is how it works. Generally, the stories are published on first, so if you want to see the latest of what we have to offer, stay on this site. Then, after a few weeks, a selection of our best stories are re-published in a new layout on


Coasts and Mountains is especially designed to work good on Ipads, so if you are on the road, use your device to enjoy our great travel journalism.

We hope you’ll like our new service.

Have a good day!

/The editor


The editor of the Traveling Reporter works as a business news editor, and is a frequent traveler. When not doing any of that, he spends time on his boat and tries to figure out where to travel next. Two of his top destinations are the Philippines and San Francisco. Email Erik! Follow the Traveling Reporter at Stumbleupon, Tumblr, Chime In, Pinterest, Google+, Weibo, Storify, Facebook, Traveldudes, Myspace.