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Midsummer party in the Swedish archipelago

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EDITOR’S BLOG. The Swedish Midsummer celebrations, at the peak of summer, has come and gone again. It appears that it comes faster and faster for every year. But with some friends, I managed to do the best of the event this year. We celebrated on an island called Grinda in the archipelago of Stockholm. I can really recumbent the place, which features hostels, restaurants, saunas, a small harbor, airy woods and nice cliffs.

We went to Grinda in my boat, and anchored up in a bay. During the short, Swedish summer, it is sometimes hard to fit the vessel in at these places, as they swarm of yachts and boats of all kinds. Some of us slept in tents, we had lunch and dinner, and drank a quite large amount of beers. These pics above, taken with my mobile camera, show how beautiful the place can be. If you venture to Sweden, during midsummer, or any other time for that matter, be sure not to miss this unique environment that the archipelago constitutes. You’ll find more info in our destination guide for the archipelago’s top 5 best tourist destinations.

The editor of the Traveling Reporter works as a business news editor, and is a frequent traveler. When not doing any of that, he spends time on his boat and tries to figure out where to travel next. Two of his top destinations are the Philippines and San Francisco. Email Erik! Follow the Traveling Reporter at Stumbleupon, Tumblr, Chime In, Pinterest, Google+, Weibo, Storify, Facebook, Traveldudes, Myspace.