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Meanwhile, around the globe: Travels on social media sites

Israel attacks Syria, FBI continues its investigation into the Boston Marathon bombings, and in Bangladesh the death toll from the collapsed textile factory reached 547. While all this was going on, the Traveling Reporter went looking for travel tweets and photos on social media sites.

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We’re a little bored here. So with nothing else to do, we went looking for exciting destinations that people were writing and tweeting about. Here’s Saturday’s collection of interesting, and some not so interesting, postings about travels on various social media sites:

CNN's tips of Italian destinations.

CNN’s tips of Italian destinations.

12 best places in Italy, according to the CNN

More from CNN: Photos: Remains of planes called ‘miracles’


Two men have a conversation under an umbrella in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Photo by Jane Hahn @janehahn #addisababa #ethiopia #umbrella




I was exciting with Sleeper Bus that we took from Mui Ne to Hoi An. I never been in a sleeper bus, so I am curious what will it look like. Will it be only a common seat which you can make a bit laying down longer than normally.

One thing that I notice in Vietnam, or maybe in another country…

This we found on Stumbleupon: 10 Most Beautiful Natural Swimming Pools in the World

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