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March, 2013: Latest travel warnings

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[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he Traveling Reporter routinely covers travel warnings issued by states and governments. Here are som of the latest.

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• Britain has issued a travel warning for northern parts of Nigeria, citing “an increase in attacks blamed on Islamist militants and the kidnapping of several foreigners earlier this month (Feb.).”

• The U.S. State Department warns its citizens from travels in Kenya during the Kenyan elections in March. State has also issued a warning regarding Israel, more precisely Judea and Samaria.

• Regarding Mexico, the U.S. continue to warn from some areas close to the Mexican border or inside Mexico. See this previous story. Recent kidnapping now has State warning for northern Tamaulipas state, close to the border.

• The U.S. has also updated a previous travel warning regarding travels in Iraq.

• In mid-Feb., the U.S. State Department issued a warning for Cuzco in Peru, citing kidnapping threat from a Peruvian terrorist group, although the warning was quickly disputed by local officials.

• Also in Feb., the U.S. issued a world-wide travel warning for U.S. citizens, with reference to continued threat by terrorists. Read more about the news here.

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