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Mali: Countries extend travel warnings

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Mali citizens.

TRAVEL WARNING. Several EU countries have extended their warnings on Mali, as the situation there show signs of getting worse. Austria, Sweden and the Czech Republic are among the countries avoiding from travels to Mali altogether, while Belgium holds on to a warning regarding non-essential journeys.

Mali warnings

Since a March 22 coup carried out by military forces in Mali, different groups have struggled go gain control over large desert parts of the country. The EU and others have frozen financial assistance to the country, and the present rulers are believed to run into shortages of fuel and other essentials soon as the sanctions take effect.

In northern Mali, islamist rebels have fought with the Tuareg rebels for control over a vast desert area, the Independent Online reports. The former Mali government’s failed effort to deal with the Tuareg was apparently one of the reasons behind the coup, but since then more than half of Mali’s territory has fallen to insurgents, according to the newspaper.

Mali is quickly being cut off from the surrounding world as its neighbors close their borders towards the country.

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