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Long abandoned, Wynwood’s graffiti attracts new set of visitors

Wynwood in the northern part of Miami is attracting art fans from all over the world. Long abandoned, the Puerto Rican neighborhood is fast becoming a must-see in Florida.

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WYNWOOD, MIAMI — “Remember when Obama ran in his first campaign, and Shepard Fairey did this image of him? That’s Shepard Fairey, he does these really graphic images of current events,” says Brandi Reddick, curator for Art in Public Places in Miami and acting as a guide in the Wynwood Art District in northern Miami, Florida.

“He is one of the foremost graffiti artists in America. We’re very lucky to have a piece this size here in Miami.”


On the wall behind her sits a huge painting, made by graffiti artist Shepard, in bright red and yellow, including a graphic portrait of Dalai Lama. In fact, almost every wall in this neighborhood in Wynwood are covered with graffiti, styles varying from dreamy landscapes to strict art deco-style paintings.

The Wynwood graffiti display is in constant change. Every other year, the walls are repainted, the district always evolving into something new.

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“They keep a lot of the same artists, but they change the murals every odd year or so. When they start to deteriorate, they just hire the same artist to come in and do a new piece,” says Reddick.


Wynwood is quickly becoming a world-class art scene, with small galleries and hip cafés at every corner. This largely Puerto Rican district was decaying for decades, until in 2003 a group of gallery owners and artists saw the district’s potential as an art center and started to develop a new reputation for the neighborhood.

These days, Wynwood boasts a huge list of art museums and galleries, as well as its own brewery. Even one of the district’s bank branches has taken to the arts in order to attract customers (story here).

These photos show some of the street art you’ll find at Wynwood.



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