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LONDON: Count on city chaos during London Olympics

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Aerial view over one of London’s Olympic arenas.


LONDON OLYMPICS. London is gearing up for the mighty Olympic Games with a special note to visitors: You better prepare to walk yourself to the games. As thousands of visitors flood the city, every means of transportation are expected to be utilized to its limit.

The games span from July 27 to August 12, a time during which hotel prices increaseand restaurants, buses, boats in the river Thames, trains and taxis are expected to be in short supply. On, the organizers lay out the facts: ”

Along with plenty of excitement and an incredible atmosphere, the Olympic Games will bring thousands of visitors to London and the UK. This means the transport system will be extremely busy – so if you’re going to a London 2012 sports event or ceremony, it’s important to plan and book your journey well in advance.

There is no spectator parking at London 2012 venues, except for a limited number of Blue badge spaces that must be booked in advance – so we recommend you go by public transport.

On the site’s Journey Planner, spectators can put together their own schedule, based on a variety of options – transportation on the river for some venues, park-and-go alternatives, cycle, or public transportation. Maybe better yet, you might also be able to simply walk yourself to some of the arenas.

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London has carried out “stress tests” to try to figure out how the city will function during the massive inflow of visitors, Reuters reported. More than 100 companies asked their staff to experiment with remote working or changes to their journeys. Nearly 80 percent of the companies that took part said they were confident they could cope with the impact of the Games, business services group Deloitte, which did the test, said. Workers in central London are being asked, Reuters reported, to vary their routines to ease the strain on the crowded transport network during the Olympics and the Paralympics that follow.

The London cable car.

Tourists will also benefit from a £50 million investment in a spectacular cable car service over the river Thames, a project that is scheduled to be finished just in time for the games, the Daily Mail reported.

On top of the inflow of tourists, 73 percent more Britons will travel to London during the games, according to research made by a hotel price comparison web site. The site, Trivago, found that 17.5 per cent of UK travellers were heading for the capital from the July 29 – August 12 period, the Daily Mail reported.

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The Olympics schedule. Courtesy of London2012

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