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Lebanon, Philippines, Mexico among latest travel warnings

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The beach of Tulum, eastern Mexico. May seem quiet, but the drug war does carry on regardless.

LATEST TRAVEL WARNINGS (dated JULY 1, 2012). The Traveling Reporter’s scan of the latest travel warnings in June has produced the following warnings. Note that this is not a complete list of active warnings for travelers – you are advised to seek your own information from your travel agency or State Department prior to departure. Also see the Traveling Reporter’s page on safety when traveling for further advice. The U.S. State Department has issued a fresh warning for travels in Afghanistan, though the situation there does not appear to have changed much. Dated June 27, it reads in part:

“The security threat to all U.S. citizens in Afghanistan remains critical. This Travel Warning supersedes the Travel Warning for Afghanistan issued December 1, 2011, to remind U.S. citizens of ongoing security risks, including kidnapping and insurgent attacks.”

Also in June, the U.S. State Department has issued warnings regarding Niger, Somalia, Haiti and the Philippines. After the arrest in June of a bunch of Mexican Zeta drug cartel members, an urgent warning was sent out for Mexico too. Find all current U.S. warnings here. Kenya, although relatively safe, has seen an increase of violence during the last few years, and the U.S. decided in June it was time to issue a travel advisory for Kenya. The move sparked criticism from Kenya officials, deeming the advisory as an “unnecessary” blow to tourism there. Two days later the U.S. had changed its mind and lifted the advisory. Regarding Syria, Russia went ahead on June 21 and issued a warning regarding travels in Syria. “Russian citizens are advised against traveling to Syria for any reason”, a spokesman for the Russian Foreign Ministry said. The United Arab Emirates, UAE, warned in mid-June its citizens from making unnecessary travels in Lebanon, the Daily Star newspaper reported. In early June, the World Health Organization issued a travel warning for India after a woman was bit by a dog and then died of rabies. The wound was apparently not treated properly afterwards, according to media reports.

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