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Latest travel warnings: U.S. travels hit by Sandy

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A surveillance camera shows the New York City subway being flooded.

Sandy Update: Travels in the northeastern part of the United States will be more complicated for some time, due to the widespread damage to infrastructure following hurricane Sandy’s blow on New York City and elsewhere on the Eastern Seaboard. On the last of October, the subway in NYC was closed, as well as the LaGuardia airport that was flooded. Trains and buses are reported to be moving, but with delays and far from full capacity. Some roads and bridges have been damaged – seek information through local media and authorities before a journey by car. Sandy has also covered large areas in the north with snow, although the severe weather is fading away as Sandy dies.

Other destinations:

The U.S. State Department has issued a warning to its citizens to exercise caution when visiting Trinidad in the wake of two recent incidents in the Westmoorings and Glencoe areas, reported.

The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs warns tourists about dangers in eastern Suriname, although the advice is under criticism from the former Dutch colony itself, reported. The recent advisory posted on the ministry’s website claims that “several rival gangs are terrorizing the area between the villages of Moengo and Albina” and tourists were urged to be on the alert.

The Taiwanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) has issued an “orange” travel alert, the second highest, for the western Myanmar state of Rakhine, advising people to be on high alert and avoid unnecessary travel to the region, Focustaiwan reported.

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