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New travel warnings: Mali, Israel, Greece, England

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Among the recent travel warnings the Reporter has singled out the following:

MEXICO: The US State Department has updated its previous travel warning for Mexico, after receiving criticism for a too general approach in earlier warnings. The current advisory update, available on the department’s website, details how to behave in which areas of Mexico, and which parts visitors are advised no to visit at all.

Regarding the general situation in the ongoing Mexican drug war, the State Department writes:

“According to the statistics last published by the Mexican government in late 2011, 47,515 people were killed in narcotics-related violence in Mexico between December 1, 2006 and September 30, 2011, with 12,903 narcotics-related homicides in the first nine months of 2011 alone.  While most of those killed in narcotics-related violence have been members of TCOs, innocent persons have also been killed.”

The updated advisement also includes contact information to U.S. consulates, among other information.

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MIDDLE EAST/ISRAEL: Though a cease fire between Israel and Hamas in Gaza came into effect on Wednesday, Nov 21, the situation remains tense. A bomb went off aboard a bus in Tel Aviv the  same day, wounding 27, and travelers are advised to exercise caution and to keep a good lookout for bags left alone in public areas in Israel.

MALI: A French citizen has been kidnapped in the southeast part of Mali, generally not the most dangerous area of the country, a fact that makes the news the more disturbing. Travelers are advised to take extreme caution.

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GREECE: On Nov. 16, the US State Department issued a travel warning for Greece, warning for the risk of attacks by Greeks, the New York Times reported, against visitors “perceived to be foreign migrants” after a rise in racially motivated assaults in the country. The warning stems from the current Greek debt crisis.

OTHER WARNINGS: Warnings have also been issued, among other places, for Yemen, Niger, Cote D’ivoire and the southeast of England (risk of floodings).

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