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The ultimate way to see Sweden’s archipelago

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Kayaking in Stockholm's archipelago.

EDITOR’S BLOG. Big experiences don’t have to come with a big price tag. Kayaking is one of those. I went ahead the other week and purchased an inflatable kajak from Advanced Elements, and I haven’t regretted it so far. With the air out of it, it fits in a bag and I can virtually launch my vessel anywhere. Since I live in central Stockholm, I’ve got plenty of water around (for those of you who haven’t been to Stockholm: The capital of Sweden is built on islands). I can also fit it in the trunk of my car, or bring it on board by boat, to be able to explore parts of the archipelago that normal boats can’t reach.

The Swedish archipelago, and especially that of Stockholm, is unique in its size and complex system of islands. Holding about 30,000–35,000 islands, you could go on for a lifetime and still find new places.

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Stockholm has numerous kayak renting places. So if you plan a visit, be sure to check them out. Stockholm has access to to waters, the inland lake Mälaren, and the Baltic Sea. They are separated by a system och locks in central Stockholm. You need to decide if you want to go kayaking in the sea or in the lake. Both alternatives are rewarding.

How to get a kayak in Stockholm

Here are a few places where you can rent a kayak in Stockholm, or find further information:


Kanotcenter Svima Sport

Aktiv Skärgård

Dalarö Kajak


More kayak hits on the “Yellow Pages” ( address map)


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