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JFK and Newark set travel records 2011

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New Jersey seen from air, as flight approaches Newark airport. Photo: Erik Bergin/Traveling Reporter

US TRAVEL. Gasoline prices may be increasing and the debt crisis a heavy burden on the economy. But as for travel and transport, it could be worse. Both Newark and JFK airports set new all-time-highs for overseas travel last year, US media reports, both in terms if passengers and cargo.

Overall passenger volumes increased last year at all four of its commercial airports, which also include LaGuardia and Stewart, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey said to

The 11.5 million international passengers using Newark last year and the 23.9 million at JFK were both all-time highs for the airports.

The air travel numbers announced Tuesday follow record 2011 cargo volumes the Port Authority released Friday for the region’s ports, the website said.

Joe Curto, president of the New York Shipping Association, said to the increase could stem from an improving economy. He said the growth could also be from steps the association and Port Authority have taken to limit container fees and a recent trend of shipping agricultural products in containers loaded at Northeast ports, according to




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